Onion cultivation The Easy And Simple
Onion cultivation, for most laymen, understood as a farming technique that is difficult and requires patience. Therefore if you intend to plant onions so it's good if you understand a few steps crucial that can help you get onion healthy and good quality. Some people are interested in entrepreneurship onions because these plants are known to have a high economic value so highly tempting to try to be cultivated.When you get around to the area of ​​Central Java, all the more to Brebes, you'll be treated to hundreds of hectares waha refreshing view of the eye.

This is understandable because the area is known as the center of the largest onion cultivation in Indonesia. For those of you who've witnessed the extent of the onion crop land and conceived in your mind to do the same thing then do the cultivation of onion is the right thing. Shallots are known as onion high value. This plant is growing horticulture crops seasonally. For that we need caution in doing this crop growers so that when harvested you will not experience losses due to poor quality of the onion you have.
In doing cultivation of onion, you must memperhatikaan the following steps that can help you do Shallots Cultivation techniques are appropriate and correct. The first thing you must think about when it would open paddy fields for onion is looking for suitable land because it is advisable to look for land that is inLowland ground height of about 0-800 meters above sea level. Furthermore, once you find the right area then you need to consider also the temperature of the area. This is because of good red onions grown with a temperature range of 28 degrees Celsius to 30s degrees Celsius. 
You need to understand that in doing Cultivation Onion then you have to prepare the land can be exposed to direct sunlight with a long period of time. You need to check your soil Ph ground because if the pH level below 6-7 or above then the onion that you will not grow properly. Make a check on your soil moisture, the most suitable is 60-70%. The type of soil is good for growing garlic is the land of the type Latosol, Glei Humus and Alluviul. All you need when you have found a suitable land for onion crop is cultivate the land properly. Once you have done the proper processing by considering water moisture and soil conditions then you can proceed to stage shallot growers.
Choose seeds and onion superior quality. This is an important step because it will determine your crops will be. In conducting the cultivation of onion, if you have a seed tuber under the age of 2 months eating menamnya way is by cutting the tip of the tuber with a length of about half a cm. It aims to accelerate the growth of shoots onion bulbs of onion cultivation so that can take place more quickly as well.
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