Make Permanent Hair Shiny And Straight
1. Using milk
Milk is a beverage that contains ingredients that are very good for health. Milk is well known to have such great benefits for skin beauty. Beside that milk can also be used to help the hair become more shiny and straight. The trick, pour the milk in the bottle of hair spray, then spray and let stand for 30 minutes. Rinse using a shampoo to clean.
2. Banana and papaya
Both bananas and papaya is a fruit that is easy once the meet and do not have a season. Therefore, the combination of banana and papaya can always be used to help hair shiny and black. The trick mix bananas and papaya, then blend until smooth. After that you can apply such as using hair mask. After some time or after the mask dries, rinse shampoo to clean and blow your hair.
3. Olive oil
Olive oil is one kind of oil that a lot of benefits. Olive oil is great for black hair. To make the hair straight, shiny way is by mixing eggs and olive oil, then apply throughout the hair. Afterwards, rinse thoroughly. If you do not want to use the eggs also can, you should regularly use olive oil and use at night and then the next morning you can rinse your hair.
4. Eggs
Eggs are a protein producer is quite high so it is good for the health of your hair. Eggs can be used to make hair shiny and straight. Typically, the egg whites are often used to beautify your hair. How to use it pretty easy, just separate the egg whites with the yolk, then taken only part of the egg white and apply on your hair. Let stand for a few minutes and then rinse with clean water add shampoo when necessary in order to get maximum results. Read also:  10 Benefits of White Eggs for Your Beauty
5. Aloe Vera
Plants called latin aloe vera was already famous for his usefulness thicken and discolor hair. Aloe vera can also be used to make hair stay shiny and straight for the content contained therein. Read also:  Benefits of Aloe Vera for Health
Those are some ways you can do to restore your hair straight and shiny. Straight and shiny hair will make you more beautiful, so do not forget to always keep and care for your hair and appear confident at all times.