Consumption of Bottled Drinking Water After 24 Hours
It turned out that this time many people were not aware if the bottled water turned out to have a risk to health. This time we will discuss is what if the bottled water that was left after 24 hours and then opened again to drink. Drinking in the container is still considered safe to eat and not problematic. So no wonder many who assume the drink is still fit for consumption even though it was opened after many days. Maybe because the condition is still closed so people
consider safe from various kinds of bacteria or dirt.
According to microbiologist from the University of Arizona, Charles Gerba says that bacteria from the mouth when we touched the water bottlesin packaging will be left in it. Bacterial contamination patiogen will increase if left on for 24 hours, which will certainly affect the quality of drinking water itself. But Charles Gerba not concerned about bacteria because basically the bacteria from the mouth of the person who consumes the water in the container, so that is still considered safe. But the problem is when friends or other people who also drank the same bottle. It can make you sick if a friend or other person turned out to any disease and will pass it on to you. Moreover, in some cases such as illness typhoid or yellow fever can be transmitted through the saliva of the patient. Not to mention some other potentials such as the contamination of bacteria that spreads through your fingers when you should try to unscrew the bottle. For that Charles Gerba is recommended to consume water bottled first poured into another container such as glass, so that the mouth of the bottle is not contaminated with a bacteria that is your mouth. After that, try to spend the drinking water and do not let it remains for more than 24 hours. Also to note again here is better to consume the drinks are cooked themselves. According to some experts the drinking water is better than bottled drinking water that we do not necessarily know what the content contained therein, and whether the beverage is treated with hygienic.